Our story

Recyclage Express is the result of a multidisciplinary collaboration that began in 2018 from a simple observation:

At the time of the taxed bag and other ecopoints, access to waste reception centers is not easy for everyone. Some people have reduced mobility, others do not have a car or the car is too small. Many people accumulate recyclable waste or bulky waste without finding an affordable solution to get rid of it. Thanks to our services, sorting, recovery and transport of bulky or recyclable objects become accessible to all while respecting the environment. Nothing delights us more than the smile and gratitude of our customers when we help them get rid of what is encumbering their lives.

Our services

Our mission

“If you don’t have time to go to the recycling center, it’s the recycling center that comes to you”

Our mission is to offer our home recycling center, bulky item collection and transport services to as many people as possible thanks to a low price policy. All of this while respecting the environment.

Our Values

Waste sorting and ecology for everyone
Switzerland is a pretty good student when it comes to ecology. Unfortunately, in practice about 50% of household waste is recycled. If you cannot go to the recycling center, it is the recycling center that comes to you thanks to Recyclage Express.

The riddance accessible to everyone
With reduced mobility, without a car or too small car? Thanks to our Express Clearance service, everyone can now get rid of the unnecessary quickly and easily.

The Lowest prices on the market
Our efficiency and our low price policy aim to make our services accessible to as many people as possible while providing irreproachable quality.

Fast services
All our services are Express. Our responsiveness and our organisation guarantee you a quote in less than 24 hours and a meeting at your convenience.

A simple and responsive service
You can reach us easily and directly request your free quote on our website or by phone. Thanks to our customer satisfaction questionnaire, we take your opinion into account in order to continuously improve our services.

The team

- Express recycling

Thomas okoro

CFO Co-Founder
Finance & Administration

jerome clemence pareles recycling express - Recyclage Express

Jerome Clemence Pareles

CEO Founder
Customer & Logistic

esteem okoro express recycling - express recycling

Esteem Okoro

CTO Co-Founder
IT & Marketing

photo sarah

Sarah Grine

Sales manager

Armend 1 technician RE e1698857049612 - Recyclage Express

Armend Florian

Technical Manager

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