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Complete apartment or house clearance in Lausanne, Canton of Vaud and everywhere in Switzerland. We also clear the furniture from your cellar or your garage and even unique items like your old sofa or washing machine.


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apartment clearance
"We empty your apartment or house by carefully sorting and adding value to your furniture."

Our apartment clearance services

From the removal of a single piece of furniture to the complete clearance of apartments or houses, our clearance service is available at Lausanne, Geneva and everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland

express storage for washing machine - Recyclage Express

Enhance the value of your objects

Recyclage Express promotes the circular economy by giving back or reselling recovered objects at low prices to prevent them from ending up in the recycling center. We resell items in perfect condition at Recycling Market.

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Full & Professional Service

We remove your light fixtures, your curtains, your household appliances, we empty the contents of your cupboards and remove the built-in furniture from your old kitchen.

Departure to retirement home

Moving - Retirement Home - After death

Whether for a move to a retirement home or following a death, we take care of the complete clearance of your apartment or house.

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To get rid of your apartment or house, fill out our online form or contact us at phone or via WhatsApp. We will reply within 24 hours.

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Apartment or House storage room

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From more than 150 customer reviews

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Thanks to the value of your objects, we guarantee low prices accessible to all.

express storage for washing machine - Recyclage Express

Unique Object
From 89 CHF

Débarras Express, an Express Recycling service, offers fast and convenient collection of furniture and recyclable waste in Lausanne and its surrounding areas, including Pully, Lutry, Epalinges, and many others.

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Beautiful Objects

When you have valuable items that can still be resold, we deduct their price from the total cost of the service. Concerned about the environment, we strive to give a second life to as many items as possible.

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Quote on site
Complete Clearance

For a complete clearance of an apartment or house, we come directly to your home in order to precisely assess the service. This allows us to offer you a price adapted to the specific situation on site.

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Free and no engagement

Fill out our online form or contact us by phone or by WhatsApp.

Free and no engagement

Valuation of objects

We do our best to add value to your objects by donating them to associations or by reselling them on the second-hand market. Recyclage Express fights every day against the obsolescence of our society by promoting the recycling and recovery of waste.

Waste recovery process from storage rooms
Waste recovery process from storage rooms

“We give a second life to more than 3,000 objects a year. We recycle more than 5000 tons of waste per year. Thanks to you, we hope to multiply these figures even more for the years to come. Nothing is lost, everything is recycled with Recyclage Express. »


The pricing for a storage room varies according to the quantity and value of the objects you wish to dispose of. For a precise estimate adapted to your needs, it is best to make an appointment for an estimate on site with one of the Recyclage Express sales representatives. Call us at 021 703 06 08.

Yes, thanks to our service Riddance Express, integrated with Recyclage Express, you can have even a single object removed. This service offers quick collection of recyclables directly from the bottom of your building, with prices starting at CHF 89, depending on quantity.

If you live in Lausanne or its surroundings such as Pully, Lutry, and others, call Débarras Express for a quick clearance within 48 hours.

A deposit corresponding to 50 % of the amount of the estimate is requested no later than the first day of the service for all estimates over 1000 CHF.

For services of less than 1000 CHF, payment is due no later than the day of the service at the end of the latter. Companies can benefit from payment on invoice with a period of 10 days from the end of the service, but are subject to the deposit.

Services can be paid for in cash, by card (except postcard), by bank transfer or by TWINT. Twint payments are accepted for a maximum amount of CHF 400.

Bulky waste refers to large or heavy items that don't fit in regular recycling bins, such as furniture, discarded appliances, mattresses, and other bulky items. Recyclage Express collects them and values those who can.

We do our best to promote your waste either by giving them to associations or by selling them on the second-hand market or, if they are too damaged, recycling them to the recycling center. Recyclage Express fights every day against the obsolescence of our consumer society by promoting the recycling and waste valuation.

No, with Recyclage Express, you do not need to sort your waste. Our team takes care of everything, from A to Z, including even dismantling furniture if necessary. We make sure that your objects and waste are treated in an environmentally friendly way.

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