Professional Facade Cleaning

In Lausanne, Geneva and the canton of Vaud, rely on more than 10 years of experience with our CFC-certified cleaners for an impeccable and radiant facade.

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Unrivaled expertise for impeccable facade cleaning

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Proven Method

With the use of professional equipment from the Unger brand, we ensure streak-free cleanliness. OUR purified water at 99% removes all residues, including limescale.

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Suitable cleaning

Whether your facade is in window, brick, in plaster or in drink, we adopt tailor-made methods to guarantee effective cleaning while preserving the original beauty of each surface.

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  • Restoration of shine : Our CFC cleaners gently remove encrusted dirt.


  • Gentle techniques : No high pressure cleaner on your facades to preserve their integrity.


  • Specific products : Solutions that respect the lifespan of your facade.


  • Deep cleaning : Restore your window and sign to its original charm.


  • Professional equipment : For stubborn stains, we use one of the most powerful Karchers on the market.


  • Revive the glow : We clean wooden facades without damaging them.


  • Adapted tools : Brushes and products specially designed for all types of materials including wood.


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“No matter the material, we take care of your facade”


1. Pre-cleaning : We prepare the surface by removing visible impurities.

2. Application of cleaning product: We always favor ecological products for environmentally friendly cleaning.

3. Mechanical cleaning: Thanks to our 18 meter carbon pole, we reach impressive heights without a basket.

4. Rinse: Nous utilWe use purified water for streak-free rinsing.

5. Finish: Depending on the material of your facade, we apply the appropriate finishing product.


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"We use a carbon pole that can go up to 18 meters in height"

FAQ – Your questions, our answers

We use cleaning products specially designed for different facade materials. All our products are ecological and respect the integrity of your facade while effectively eliminating dirt.

The time required depends on the size and condition of the facade. On average, allow between 4 and 6 hours for an average-sized facade.

We recommend professional cleaning of your facade at least once a year to remove accumulated dirt and prevent long-term damage.

Simply contact us by phone on 021 703 06 08 or by email. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote based on your needs.

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