Bulky items: Top 8 disposal companies to choose from in French-speaking Switzerland

Like Recyclage Express, many companies offer you disposal services, transport and of cleaning to help you get rid of what you don't want! Among these companies, some offer online flea markets such as recyclage-market.ch to upgrade your objects and give them a second life!

Here you will find our Top 8 storage companies in French-speaking Switzerland between Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Valais! 

Express Recycling Partners

Storage companies that offer an online flea market 🛒

If you want to get rid of your bulky items, making sure to give them a second life and recycle them properly, these companies take care of everything! These companies offer the possibility of buying second-hand items online on their website, Facebook or Instagram. Thanks to the value of the goods collected, the prices of the services are generally cheaper than the competition.

re logo - Recycling Express

Recyclage Express is a company based in Bussigny near Lausanne which offers many services. Clearance, cleaning, transport and even online flea market with recycling-market.ch. Everything has been thought out for help households get rid of their bulky items by making sure to give them a second life or to recycle them in accordance with the standards. 

Recyclage Express has become a leader in disposal in the Lausanne region, but also in the second-hand market by recovering and recycling recovered objects.

Abdb riddance - logo

The company ABDB Débarras offers storage and cleaning services. For companies or individuals, ABDB Débarras takes care of your bulky items by taking them either to a suitable sorting center or by reselling them in their flea market that you will find on Facebook. You can find a lot of second-hand furniture there at rather low prices! 

DAD home recycling center - logo

Dad Services collects your waste or furniture that you no longer want, which they resell in their flea market located in Boudevilliers. You can also call on the company if you need a cleaning service.

Other disposal companies in French-speaking Switzerland

If you want to get rid of your bulky items near your home, these companies will be able to help you! Nevertheless, we do not guarantee anything as to the recycling and recovery of discarded objects.

Teen service logo

⛔ No online flea market

Teen Services offers many services by making it easier for you to get rid of your bulky items. During the disposal, you have two options: one free, which consists of removing your bulky items which can be resold in the Teen Services flea market, provided that this covers the costs of moving and putting them up for sale. Or the paid option if your bulky items must be sent to a sorting centre. In addition to that, you can also benefit from a cleaning service, and find second-hand furniture in their flea market in Neuchâtel or online!

Logo Val clearance Sarl

⛔ No online or physical flea market

Val Débarras company takes care of the transport of your bulky items by sending them to landfills and suitable sorting centres. You can also take advantage of their cleaning service recognized as extremely qualitative. 

T-rider logo

⛔ No online or physical flea market

T-Débarras is a company that offers storage and cleaning services, taking care of taking your bulky items to the dump. In addition, whether for businesses or individuals, T-Débarras also offers a moving service, from the studio to the premises. But also a dismantling service for your floors or a more technical installation. Finally, thanks to their partner R&B Sàrl, you can take advantage of the construction and renovation service!

Léman Débarras - logo

⛔ No online or physical flea market

The Léman Débarras company essentially offers its services in the disposal of your bulky items and the cleaning of the place in question. Léman Débarras is therefore responsible for transporting bulky items and sending them to landfill. 

Switzerland Storeroom logo

⛔ No online or physical flea market

Swiss Clearance takes care of transporting your bulky items, heading to sorting centers and recycling centers. The little extra is that Swiss Débarras also offers a furniture assembly service for companies! And you will also find a subscription system for the collection of your bulky items, without obligation. 


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