The secrets of an impeccable end-of-lease cleaning for a successful inventory

Is your lease contract coming to an end and your moving boxes are almost ready? It's time to move on to the last margin before handing over the keys to your landlord: house lease end cleaning. Often minimized by tenants, this final cleaning is nevertheless a guarantee that allows the departure deposit to be recovered. The condition ? Repair everything before the day of the inspection. Rest assured, there is no need to worry if you don't skip the steps and follow the owner's requests to the letter. Overview of the secrets of an end-of-lease cleaning to go through the inventory without a hitch.

successful end-of-lease cleaning

House lease end cleaning: explanations and responsibilities

Whatever the type of rental, the signing of a lease contract necessarily involves an inspection which will make it possible to diagnose the general condition of the premises well before the keys are handed over. This formality consists of making an inventory of the equipment available, then an assessment of each room before the new tenant settles in. Of course, all details will need to be noted in a documented official form, so that each party can keep track of them until the end of the contract. At this time, a new inventory is required, although this mainly involves the reimbursement of the rental deposit.

Thus, during a move, tenants are required to return the accommodation to its initial state, that is to say: empty and clean. This is when the end of the apartment / house lease cleaning takes place, the essential steps of which are:

End of lease cleaning services

Your checklist to restore the premises to perfect condition

It often happens that the inspection of the premises at the end of a lease contract causes a discord between the lessor and the lessee, especially when the two parties do not see things the same way. It is for this reason that the official departure form is essential and to this is added the house lease end-of-lease cleaning checklist.

In addition to drawing up your own end-of-lease cleaning checklist, also consider consulting your landlord several weeks in advance to find out what their requirements are. This way you avoid any frustration caused by the exit inventory while ensuring that every part is refurbished as it should be. Your checklist will include the different tasks to be done in each room of the house, starting with the bedrooms where there is usually less work to be done.

Here is an example of an end of lease house cleaning checklist to inspire you:


Cleaning work



tiling, hood, earthenware
cupboards, shelves, drawers, oven handles, hotplates, grids, spits major appliances
sink (siphon, taps, bench ...)

gaskets, drains, taps
sockets, switches, lights
damaged electrical devices


tiles, earthenware
cupboards, shelves, drawers, handles
bathtub, sink, bidet (taps, hoses, pipes, siphon, etc.)
WC (seat, toilet seat, etc.)
water heater

gaskets, drains, faucets, hose, sockets, fuses, switches, accessory lights (seat, flap, towel holder, etc.) damaged electrical devices


lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs, flowerpots, paths
balcony, terrace, patio
fountain, water point
garage (door, floor, walls, etc.)
cleaning and evacuations

flowerbeds, alleys
garage opening system
switches, lights

Entire home

windows, blinds (windows, frames, rollers, blinds, shutters, etc.) doors (handles, locks, etc.) walls, ceilings, carpeted plinths, rugs, parquet, tiled cellar / attic radiator fireplace
windows, locks, handles, cranks lamps, lights, sockets, fuses, switches, gaskets, siphons, pipes, faucets walls, ceilings (torn wallpaper, hole, peeling paint, cracks, stickers, etc.) damaged electrical devices

What if you entrust the end of lease home cleaning to a pro?

Too absorbed by the multiple administrative procedures, the boxes and the supervision of the movers, the majority of tenants completely forget the cleaning at the end of the lease. It is clear that  preparation for engagement takes longer than one might imagine and the next chore can be even more stressful and painful. However, don't forget that the exit inventory will allow you to recover a good part of your rental deposit. Also, think about future tenants who, like you, expect to move into a place that is in good repair. But the constraints associated with cleaning at the end of the lease do not end with a lack of time or with the guarantee of a satisfactory result. Many tenants also do without this step for a lack of equipment and cleaning products. The solution ? Call on the services of a company specializing in end of lease cleaning Lausanne

a man who cleans a window - end of lease cleaning

Please note, this type of service must be prepared in advance in order to reserve the ideal technician within the time limit set by your lease contract. Habitually, the end of lease cleaning price includes the price of the service and the cost of household products used. To find the offer that suits you, you can ask an end of lease cleaning quote by organizing a site visit with the company of your choice.
Kill two birds with one stone by immediately choosing an expert in removals and cleaning.

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