Terms of Service

Waste collection at home:

Article 1. Start time of pick-up

Garbage collection is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. PLEASE DO NOT CURRENTLY CONSIDER THE TABLES BELOW.

Zone 1 (Monday)


Zone 3 (Wednesday)


Zone 5 (Friday)
















Romanel in Lausanne







St Sulpice



The Mont-sur-Lausanne


Villars st Croix








Bretigny-sur-Morrens, Cugy





Bretigny-sur-Morrens, Cugy



Bretigny-sur-Morrens, Cugy


Zone 2 (Tuesday)


Zone 4 (Thursday)






Prilly, Jouxtens-Mézery






















Degens, Echandens


Article 2. Geographical area

The Recyclage Express service is available in the Lausanne region, in the following localities: In principle, these areas are valid for all Recyclage Express services. Nevertheless, if your locality does not appear in the table above, you can still apply. This request will be accepted or not and its price can be adjusted. You will be informed as soon as possible. The localities as well as the days of passage can be adjusted at any time by Recyclage Express and you will be informed.

Article 3. Days and Hour of passage

The day and hour of passage are fixed by Recyclage-Express. However, you can contact Recyclage-Express to find a hour of passage agreement whenever possible.

Article 4. Recycled waste

Recyclage-Express recycles the following materials: Glasses, PET, Aluminum, White Irons, Paper, Cardboard, Batteries, Vegetable Oils, Textiles, Coffee Capsules, Electronics and Household Products. As part of our services with subscription, you must respect the authorized volumes of waste up to 4 x 30 liters. Your garbage must also be tidy and easily transportable. If these conditions are not met, then Recyclage Express reserves the right not to take your waste.

Article 5. Disposal of waste

The garbage must be placed on the doorstep if you do not wish to be disturbed by the doorbell or if you are absent. Be careful, however, to ensure that your waste does not interfere with the neighborhood. Recyclage Express can not be held responsible.

Article 6. Impossibility to pick up your waste

If Recyclage Express can not access your garbage for any reason, the service will not be refunded. If access to waste is difficult, but possible, for various reasons (no access by vehicle, no elevator, etc.) Express recycling can adjust the price of its service subject to customer acceptance.

Article 7. Registration to the service

Registration for the waste collection service is done on the Recyclage-Express website or by telephone.

Article 8. Personal data

Personal data are used for administrative purposes and treated in a strictly confidential way for internal use. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details.

Article 9. Confirmation of registration for the service

Inscriptions sare confirmed by email or in writing with a calendar of pickup dates. Upon receipt of the confirmation, the Recyclage Express service will begin as a subscription. You are then contractually bound to Express Recycling.

Article 10. Payment of the subscription

The payment options are as follows:

  • Frequencies, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • Payment with invoice by e-banking or BVR (with a surcharge of CHF 2 for administrative fees, charges added only for payment by BVR (no additional fees if annual payment BVR))
  • Invoice payable at 10 days except the first invoice that must be paid before the first pickup

Late payment immediately suspends the service. Late payments are due and Recyclage Express services will only continue after late payments have been paid.

Article 11. end of subscription

You can cancel your subscription in writing or by email at any time with a minimum notice of 1 month. Without termination on your part, your subscription continues and the unpaid invoice remains due in favor of Recyclage Express. In case of cancellation, you can reactivate your subscription at any time, subject to acceptance of Recyclage Express.  

Article 12. Change of subscription

Any modification of subscription can be made by mail, letter and will be effective at the end of the current subscription period. However, subscriptions with a frequency greater than one month (3,6,12) may be changed during the subscription period only if the customer wishes to switch to a higher pickup frequency. In this case, the customer must pay the price difference for the remainder of the contract period. The change is effective at the earliest from the month following the request, but in all cases the payment of the bill that covers the difference in price.

Express Transport :

Article 13. Definition of the service

Recyclage Express provides an express transport service, dedicated to moving various objects from point A (departure address) to point B (arrival address), in accordance with the terms specified in the initial quote. This service includes the handling, transport and delivery of objects in compliance with established conditions. The service is carried out while ensuring the safety and integrity of the objects transported, with the commitment to efficiency that characterizes Recyclage Express.

Article 14. Objects transported

The objects authorized for transport must comply with current legislation and be explicitly mentioned in the initial quote. Recyclage Express reserves the right to refuse the transport of objects added subsequently which were not included in the initial quote, unless prior agreement is expressed by a written readjustment of the quote. This measure aims to prevent any misunderstanding concerning the nature and volume of goods transported and ensures total transparency between Recyclage Express and the customer.

Article 15. Order, price and payment

  • For services less than 2500 CHF : Payment is flexible, allowing the customer to pay in cash, by card or via Twint at the conclusion of the service. Proof of payment or confirmation from our accounting department is required for payments made by invoice. This flexibility aims to facilitate transactions while guaranteeing financial traceability.

  • For services equal to or greater than 2500 CHF : A deposit of 40% of the total cost is required, in addition to the provision of a quote signed by the customer. This procedure confirms the customer's commitment to the service and guarantees secure financial management of the order. Proof of payment of the deposit must be presented before the start of the service to validate the customer's commitment. In the absence of this proof, Recyclage Express reserves the right not to begin the service.

  • Compliance review : Before any intervention, the team leader is responsible for verifying the conformity of the initial quote with the goods actually to be transported and proof of payment or deposit. This crucial step ensures that the services provided correspond exactly to the customer's expectations and Recyclage Express's commitments.

  • Payment period : Payment for the service is due at the latest at the end of the service for individuals and payable within 10 days for companies. The customer cannot under any circumstances withhold payment, even in the event of a claim, the settlement of claims being completely independent of invoicing.

Article 16. Cancellation of the Service

Recyclage Express recognizes the importance of flexibility for its customers and offers clear cancellation conditions to meet their needs:

  • Standard Cancellation : Customers can cancel their service without incurring costs up to 48 hours before the agreed date and time for the service. This policy aims to provide sufficient flexibility for any changes to plans.

  • Force Majeure : In exceptional situations where circumstances beyond the customer's control prevent the performance of the service (such as force majeure events), Recyclage Express offers the possibility of postponing the service at no additional cost or of canceling the service with a complete refund. This clause demonstrates our commitment to treating our customers with fairness and understanding in unforeseen situations.

Article 17. Access and Preparation of Transported Objects

In order to guarantee an efficient and secure service:

  • Preparation and Accessibility : Customers are responsible for ensuring that all items to be transported are ready and easily accessible at the agreed address and time. This preparation is essential for smooth execution of the service.

  • Travel Assistance : Recyclage Express offers assistance with moving objects, including the assembly and dismantling of cabinets. However, it is important to note that, due to their inherently fragile nature, these items are not covered by our warranty against damage during the transport process. Customers will be informed of this exception before handling begins, allowing for informed decision making.

Article 18. Impossibility to provide the service

Recyclage Express is committed to providing its services in accordance with the expectations of its customers. However :

  • Case of Impossibility : If, for reasons beyond the customer's control, the service cannot be carried out as planned, Recyclage Express offers flexible solutions. Depending on the client's preference, the service can be postponed at no additional cost or canceled with a full refund. This policy highlights our desire to maintain a trusting and supportive relationship with our customers, even in unforeseen circumstances.

These articles aim to strengthen protection and flexibility for the company and its customers, by establishing clear and fair conditions for the provision of services. They demonstrate Recyclage Express’ commitment to providing quality customer service, while ensuring effective risk management.

Article 19. Damage Management

Recyclage Express is committed to providing quality service and handling all items entrusted with the greatest care. However, in the event of damage, the following procedure is put in place to ensure transparent and fair management of the situation:

  • Declaration of disaster : The customer is required to report any damage by completing the claims form available on the Recyclage Express website immediately after noticing the damage. This form must be submitted within a reasonable time (1 month), to allow a rapid and efficient evaluation.

  • Limited Liability for Fragile Objects : The liability of Recyclage Express is limited with regard to damage caused during the handling of objects recognized as fragile (for example, cabinets). These objects require special treatment and, despite all precautions taken, may be susceptible to damage. Customers will be informed of this limitation of liability before the start of the service.

  • Damage Assessment Process : Once the claim form has been received, Recyclage Express will carry out an assessment of the damage. This assessment may include an on-site inspection, consultation of photos or documents provided by the client, and, if necessary, the opinion of external experts.

  • Amicable settlement : Recyclage Express favors amicable settlement of claims. Depending on the assessment of the damage and the circumstances, different options may be offered to the customer, such as repair of the damaged item, its replacement, or financial compensation. The solution chosen will be the one that best suits both parties, in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

  • Notification and Tracking : The customer will be kept informed throughout the disaster management process. Once the resolution has been agreed, Recyclage Express undertakes to implement the decided measures as quickly as possible.

Débarras express :

Article 20. Clearance service

Recyclage Express offers an express clearance service aimed at recovering and processing bulky waste responsibly. Whether for home clearance, office clearance, or any other necessity, our team is responsible for collecting bulky items directly from the customer to get rid of or recycle them, in accordance with our commitment to the environment.

  • Subscription and Payment : The subscription and payment terms for clearance services are aligned with those applicable to our express transport service. This includes the flexibility of payment methods, the requirement of a deposit for specific services, and the confirmation and cancellation process.

Article 21. Pricing for the Clearance Service

  • Pricing for the clearance service is established on the basis of a personalized quote, taking into account the nature and volume of the objects to be cleared as well as the complexity of the operation. This quote is provided after assessing the client's needs, guaranteeing total cost transparency.

  • Cancellation and Payment : The cancellation and payment conditions for the express clearance service are identical to those defined for our express transport service. Customers thus benefit from the same clarity and simplicity in the management of their service.

Article 22. Acceptance of Express Recycling quotes

For any confirmation of quotes above 500 CHF, we would be delighted to receive a signed copy from you in return.

Express Cleaning:

Terms of Service for Cleaning, Including End of Lease

Article N1. Cleaning Service

Recyclage Express offers comprehensive cleaning services, including for end of lease situations, aimed at meeting the cleanliness standards required by property managers. All our services are carried out with professionalism and dedication, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Article N2. Approval by Management

  • For end-of-lease cleaning, the service must be approved by management. Recyclage Express strives to meet the required cleaning criteria but cannot guarantee acceptance of the service by management in the absence of subscription to the “Inventory Guarantee” option.

Article N3. Conditions of Subscription and Liability

  • Without Guarantee Condition of premises : Customers who have not opted for the guarantee can only make a claim against Recyclage Express in cases of obvious and flagrant negligence that cannot be repaired quickly by the customer.

  • With Inventory Guarantee : A supplement of 10% of the initial quote is required, but at least 100 CHF, for this option. Recyclage Express undertakes to carry out the necessary alterations until the inventory of fixtures is approved, subject to the following exceptions:

    1. Technical impossibility of repair due to excessive deterioration or obsolescence.

    2. Pre-existing conditions of dirt or damage not attributable to common negligence, for example, damaged parquet flooring more than 30 years old.

Article N4. Quote and Evaluation on Site

  • The cleaning cost estimate is based on a quote which can be adjusted if the sales representative's prior visit has not taken place. In the absence of an on-site evaluation, elements not communicated or not visible to the customer may result in an upward revision of the initial quote. Recyclage Express undertakes to communicate any price changes before the start of the service.

Article N5. Final inventory and handover of keys

  • A final inventory will be established with the customer when the keys are handed over. If this delivery is not possible in the presence of a Recyclage Express representative, our responsibility for acceptance of cleaning by the management ceases upon delivery of the keys to the customer or a third party designated by the latter.

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