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Have you ever thought about the impact of dirt on the efficiency of your solar panels? Imagine that, over a single year, an accumulation of dust, pollen and other residues can lead to a loss of more than 15 % of the efficiency of your photovoltaic panels. Amazing, isn't it? This is where Recyclage Express comes into play. Recognized as a major player in French-speaking Switzerland in the fields of ecology and recycling, we are pleased to present our solar panel cleaning service.

Our proposal is simple but extremely effective: cleaning the 100% ecological solar panels, only with tap water. This method has been proven to be the most respectful for your solar installations, allowing you to thoroughly clean your panels without risking damaging the photovoltaic cells. Regular cleaning, carried out by us, will preserve the almost initial efficiency of your panels, even 20 years after their installation.

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Why is cleaning solar panels essential?

The photovoltaic market is evolving, but the cleaning of these precious panels is often neglected. Studies show that after 5 years, the panels can lose up to 50 % of their efficiency, if they are not cleaned correctly. Dirt, pollen, urban pollution, chimney soot, sand rain, etc., all these elements can disrupt the proper functioning of your photovoltaic installation. This is why we advise you to carry out at least two cleanings per year, to guarantee optimal performance of your installation.

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The choice of expertise for cleaning your solar panels

While cleaning may seem like a simple task at first glance, cleaning solar panels requires some expertise. It is not enough to sprinkle water on your panels: our specially trained employees know the precautions to take when cleaning, to avoid any risk of deterioration.

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The risks of improper cleaning of solar panels

It is often said that cleaning solar panels is not necessary because rain, wind and bad weather take care of it. This is unfortunately a received idea. Pollution, dust, bird droppings, etc. can foul your panels and reduce the life of your installations. In order to prevent your equipment from deteriorating quickly, always opt for specialized and regular cleaning.


Affordable professional cleaning

Whether you are in Lausanne, Geneva, in the Canton of Vaud or even elsewhere in Switzerland, our team is at your service for quality cleaning at a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, by phone or via WhatsApp.


Professional cleaning at low cost

Are you looking for a provider offering a reasonable price in Lausanne, Geneva, Canton of Vaud and even throughout Switzerland? You are in the right place ! Contact us through our form, by phone or WhatsApp. 


Professional solar panel cleaning

Even if cleaning solar panels seems so simple and easy. It is always advisable to use a specialized company. Our employees know the precautions to be taken when cleaning.

Specialized cleaning

Specialized cleaning is required

We often hear that cleaning solar panels is not necessary because rain, wind and bad weather take care of it. Be aware that pollution, dust, bird droppings, etc. reduce the life of your panels. To prevent your equipment from deteriorating quickly, always opt for specialized and regular cleaning.

Cleaning Service for Individuals and Companies

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The benefits of professional solar panel cleaning are numerous. First of all, our specialized technicians are equipped with telescopic brushes and nacelles allowing access to all types of roofs and modules.


They take all the necessary precautions during cleaning to avoid any thermal shock or micro-crack. Then, regular cleaning helps to maintain the optimal performance of your solar installations. Finally, we do not use chemicals, only demineralized tap water, to respect the environment and your facilities.


Our method of cleaning solar panels

To clean the solar panels, we use demineralized water, without limestone or other particles that can clog the modules. This method effectively removes dirt, dust and bird droppings, while preserving the integrity of the photovoltaic cells. We work with care and in compliance with safety standards, using appropriate equipment for each installation.

At Recyclage Express, we have revolutionized the cleaning of solar panels and facades thanks to cutting-edge technology that places ecology and economy at the heart of our business. Our process uses99% purified water – an abundant natural resource that allows us to effectively remove dirt and debris without leaving residue, even when it dries. Thanks to our system, your solar panels and facades will come out impeccably clean for an optimal result.

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For this service, payment must be made before or on the day of cleaning for customers who do not already benefit from our Recyclage Express subscription system. For our existing customers, the service will be invoiced to them in writing or by email and payable within 30 days. You can pay in cash on the day of the intervention or before the day of the intervention by e-banking.

We recommend cleaning the solar panels at least twice a year to maintain the optimal performance of your photovoltaic installation.

Despite what you might think, rain is not enough to effectively clean solar panels. It can even leave behind dirt and dust residue that diminishes the effectiveness of your panels.

To obtain a quote for the cleaning of your solar panels, you can contact us via our contact form, by phone or via WhatsApp. One of our professional cleaners will answer you quickly to offer you a solution adapted to your needs.

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