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Waste management Business

We offer you solutions for waste management effective, allowing your business to lower the costs
while optimizing your recycling practices ♻️

From more than 200 customer reviews

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2) Planning

3) Clearance

Free and no engagement

Our waste management services

From the removal of a single piece of furniture, through small demolitions to the complete clearance of your professional premises or warehouses, our clearance subscription is available at Lausanne, Geneva and everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland

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Clearance for business

Give new life to your objects and reduce the costs of your service. We deduct the value of your items from your final invoice.

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Promote the circular economy!

We are pioneers in waste management, favoring reuse thanks to recyclage-market.ch, second-hand specialist in Lausanne.

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Unique object or large project?

We have a fleet of trucks and professional movers who adapt to all your needs.

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Rubble, construction sites and small demolitions...

Our small demolition and clearance services offer you space quickly at an affordable price. Partitions, sanitary facilities, kitchens, industrial machines and much more. Forget architect consultations and save time with our experts.

within 24 hours!
Free and no engagement

Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Do you want to give your business an ecological image?

Recyclage Express offers you its business clearance subscription: Flexible, fast and dynamic! We offer you a monitoring and sorting advice. Whether you want to install an eco point in your SME or simply eliminate expired products, we offer you tailor-made proposals for virtually all types of waste.
Free and no engagement

From more than 200 customer reviews

They trust us ⭐

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Free and no engagement

We define your needs

Briefly explain your needs to us via our online form or by telephone at 021 703 06 08. A sales representative can also come free of charge to find the waste management solution suited to your structure.

We collect your waste regularly

We can come every month or according to the defined frequency to collect your recyclable waste and then we will transport it to the recycling center.

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waste management


Reduce the cost of your incinerable waste.

rEDUCE waste management costs of the order of 25%

Boost your company's environmental footprint

You will have strong arguments to communicate your sustainable commitments

Your employees will be proud to have a recycling rate of nearly 95%

Express recycling bins


We offer you bins adapted to SMEs if you do not have a sort system or we can extract your waste by bulk pallet or bag we adapt our services to each company.
The idea is to advise you in the choice of your subscription by depending on the number of employees and the specific needs of the company. your company We offer you 60L disigne containers in 100% recycled cardboard suitable for small and medium sized businesses placed in places such as cooking for example, and then according to the convenience one of our team will come and collect your waste and then recycle it. (we take care of replacing the bags at each passage.) We can also extract your waste per pallet in bulk or per bag we adapt our services to each company. We recover any type of waste except for toxic chemical and prohibited waste.
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You choose the number of bins

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You decide the pickup frequency

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We pick up & replace the bags


Our mission is to fight for the environment through different channels our storage and transport services as well as our our home collection subscriptions, but also on our social networks and our blog a partnership with a company such as ours can only be beneficial for the image of yours. Together we will be able to fight more effectively against mass wastage.
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Payment is generally made monthly by e-Banking invoice with a detail of all the services within one month for non-payment of within the time limits may result in the termination of the benefit until payment of the amount due.


Call us on 021 703 06 08 or email us for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions.

You also have the possibility to make an appointment with one of our advisers he will come directly on the spot. to bring you the best solutions for extraction of your waste free of charge and without obligation.
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Valuation of objects

We do our best to add value to your objects by donating them to associations or by reselling them on the second-hand market thanks to our our online flea market Recycling Market. Recyclage Express fights every day against the obsolescence of our society by promoting recycling and the recovery of waste.

Waste recovery process from storage rooms
Waste recovery process from storage rooms

“We give a second life to more than 3,000 objects a year. We recycle more than 5000 tons of waste per year. Thanks to you, we hope to multiply these figures even more for the years to come. Nothing is lost, everything is recycled with Recyclage Express. »

Free and no engagement


Pricing for a business clearance varies depending on the quantity and value of the items you wish to dispose of. For a precise estimate adapted to your needs, the best is to make an appointment for an on-site quote with one of the Recyclage Express sales representatives. Call us at 021 703 06 08.

A deposit corresponding to 50 % of the amount of the estimate is requested no later than the first day of the service for all estimates over 1000 CHF.

For services of less than 1000 CHF, payment is due no later than the day of the service at the end of the latter. Companies can benefit from payment on invoice with a period of 10 days from the end of the service, but are subject to the deposit.

Services can be paid for in cash, by card (except postcard), by bank transfer or by TWINT. Twint payments are accepted for a maximum amount of CHF 400.

The following materials can be recycled:

Glasses, PET, Aluminum, White Irons, Paper, Cardboard, Batteries, Vegetable Oils, Textiles, Coffee Capsules, Electronics and Household Products.

You are entitled to 4 standard Migros paper bags. Please sort your waste by category according to your needs. For example, you may have a cardboard bag, a pet bag, a glass and aluminum bag and a compost bag. You can also put your official taxed trash bag, but it counts as one of the 4 bags allowed. Thank you to respect the quantities authorized under penalty of non-collection of your waste.

We do our best to promote your waste either by giving them to associations or by selling them on the second-hand market or, if they are too damaged, recycling them to the recycling center. Recyclage Express fights every day against the obsolescence of our consumer society by promoting the recycling and waste valuation.

No, with Recyclage Express, you do not need to sort your waste. Our team takes care of everything, from A to Z, including even dismantling furniture if necessary. We make sure that your objects and waste are treated in an environmentally friendly way. 

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nike - Express Recycling

Reduce the cost of your incinerable waste.

nike - Express Recycling

rEDUCE the cost in the order of 25%

nike - Express Recycling

Boost your company's environmental footprint

nike - Express Recycling

You will have strong arguments to communicate your sustainable commitments

nike - Express Recycling

Your collaborator will be proud to have recycling rate of 95%

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