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Restore the shine and cleanliness to your terrace thanks to the skills of our CFC certified cleaners + 10 years of experience. Service available in Lausanne, the canton of Vaud and throughout Switzerland.


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Our terrace cleaning services

grand household - Recyclage Express

Standard high pressure patio cleaning

  1. Brooms and brushes
  2. Wetting with a specific product and waiting time.
  3. Cleaning with high pressure Karcher

(*) Obligatory water inlet point nearby

House cleaning service - Recyclage Express

Mechanical cleaning in 5 steps by Recyclage Express

  1. Brooms and brushes
  2. Application of a specific product followed by a waiting time
  3. Cleaning using a brush and/or single brush
  4. Spraying an anti-foam product
  5. Impregnation of a protective product: water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-stain
(*) Obligatory water inlet point nearby

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From more than 200 customer reviews


We guarantee low prices accessible to all.

express storage for washing machine - Recyclage Express

Standard High Pressure Cleaning
5.- to 15.- / m²

Enjoy an impeccably clean terrace thanks to our high pressure cleaning, combining efficiency and preservation of your surface, all at a competitive price.

recycling staircase - Recyclage Express

Mechanical Cleaning in 5 steps
30.- to 50.- / m²

Transform your terrace with our mechanical cleaning in 5 precise steps, ensuring cleanliness, protection and a rejuvenated aesthetic, all without compromising the quality of your surface.

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Boost the lifespan of your terrace thanks to our mechanical cleaning. More than just cleaning, it's long-term enhancement.

  • Immediate elimination of impurities : Brooms and brushes rid your terrace of superficial debris and dirt, giving it a neat appearance from the start.
  • Targeted treatment for deep cleansing : The application of a specific product, followed by a waiting period, works to break down the most stubborn dirt. You don't have to worry about stubborn stains.
  • Restoration of original shine : Cleaning with a brush or mono-brush ensures that every corner of your terrace becomes as immaculate as the first day.
  • A secure terrace : Spraying an anti-foam product eliminates the risk of slipping, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.
  • Long-lasting protection against the elements and stains : Impregnation with a protective product makes your terrace a fortress against humidity, stains and the effects of time. Less maintenance, more peace of mind.
single-brush terrace cleaning - Recyclage Express
"We use professional equipment adapted to each situation."

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Yes, it is possible to use a pressure washer for your patio, as long as you do it carefully. Although the force of a pressure washer can potentially damage a deck, using it moderately and well away from the ground prevents this risk. The cleaners at Recyclage Express are specially trained to master the use of Karchers, thus guaranteeing effective cleaning without compromising the structure or aesthetics of your terrace.

The choice between high pressure cleaning and mechanical cleaning in 5 steps essentially depends on your needs, the current state of your terrace and your expectations in terms of results.

High Pressure Cleaning:

    • Ideal for : Decks with moderate soiling or those that have not been cleaned for a short period of time.
    • Benefits : Fast, effective in removing surface dirt and lightly encrusted moss.
    • Disadvantages: May be too abrasive for some delicate surfaces and does not offer protective post-cleaning treatments.


Mechanical cleaning in 5 steps:

    • Ideal for : Decks that have not been maintained for a long time, with stubborn dirt or slippery areas due to moss.
    • Benefits : Offers a comprehensive approach, from initial cleaning to the application of a protective product. Restores shine while extending the life of the terrace.
    • Disadvantages: May take longer than pressure cleaning alone.


Advice : If you're looking for a quick refresh, pressure cleaning might be suitable. However, for a comprehensive approach that deeply revitalizes and protects your deck, 5-step mechanical cleaning is the ideal choice.

We use cleaning products specially designed for the different decking materials. All of our products are environmentally friendly and respect the integrity of your terrace while effectively eliminating dirt.

Also find other exclusive tips in our Complete guide for a successful terrace cleaning !

The time it takes to clean a deck depends on its size and condition. On average, count between 3 and 6 hours for a medium-sized terrace.

We recommend a professional cleaning of your terrace at least twice a year (in autumn and spring). This removes accumulated dirt and prevents long-term damage.

Yes, we offer patio cleaning services all year round, including winter. However, cleaning may be more complex due to weather conditions. It is therefore preferable to plan cleaning your terrace in spring or autumn.

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